Specialty Guns

  • Devilbiss JGA Decorator Gun

    Devilbiss JGA Decorator Gun
    The DeVilbiss JGA-510-DEC is a gun that can apply decorative spatter effects to wood furniture, metal panels, etc. Finish may be changed from a fine mist to larger droplet size particles. Simply adjust fluid pressure and/or air pressure. A more uniform particle size is obtained by increasing the distance from the object being sprayed. Particle spacing is determined by speed of movement and degree of overlap.
  • Devilbiss VTX Strain Gun

    Devilbiss VTX Strain Gun
    Devilbiss VTX Stain Gun is designed to handle both thin and thick wood finishing stains and is the first DeVilbiss product to use Jet Impingement Atomization (JIA) technology. In this process, the stain is: 1) hydraulically preatomized in an internal impingement orifice, creating a vortex; 2) a hollow fluid bulb is then formed as a result of the vortex; and 3) the stain is finely atomized with a 2000 air cap and baffle combination. These steps ensure highly consistent and uniform spray patterns. The VTX design also provides maximum transfer efficiency and complies with rules issued by SCAQMD and other air quality authorities.
  • Kremlin M22 HTVP Stain Gun

    Kremlin M22 HTVP Stain Gun
    Kremlin M22 HTVP Stain Gun is a pressure feed gun with outstanding ergonomics that uses Kremlin's unique Vortex technology to spray low viscosity stains and materials on sharply profiled surfaces.
    • Delivers a high transfer efficiency rate of 65%
    • New EV3 KHVLP aircap developed for vortex effect
    • Balanced design for optimized comfort
    • Integrates HTI and KHVLP technology for product savings and environmental protection