Airless Guns

  • Graco Contractor Guns

    Graco Contractor Guns
    Introducing the new, innovative Contractor II and FTx II Guns from Graco. Designed to be the longest-lasting guns on the market and continue to be the #1 choice of painting contractors! You'll get maximum performance and comfort you've come to expect with Graco's newest line of professional spray guns.
    • Revolutionary needle design for longer life and maximum performance.
    • 3600 psi fluid rating for spraying most materials.
    • Built-in Easy Out gun filter to reduce tip clogging
    • Two-finger or four-finger trigger options.
  • Graco Silver Plus Gun

    Graco Silver Plus Gun
    Graco's Silver Plus Gun is known for its durability, spraying performance, and long life.
    • Reverse-A-Clean tip design to reduce downtime caused by frequent tip plugging
    • 5000 psi fluid rating for spraying the toughest materials
    • SST wetted parts for material compatibility
  • Graco Flex Plus Gun

    Graco Flex Plus Gun
    The Graco Flex Plus airless gun connects the hose directly to the gun through the spring guard for maximum flexibility.
    • Ergonomic handle reduces fatigue and increases comfort
    • No adjustment needle makes for quick and easy repairs
    • Patented needle design increases life
    • Large fluid path reduces clogging
    • Ergonomic handle
    • 5000 psi fluid rating for spraying the toughest materials
    • SST wetted parts for material compatibility
  • Graco XTR Airless Gun

    Graco XTR Airless Gun
    Graco's XTR airless guns were built especially for high pressure output when spraying high solids coatings and paints. Updated features include two handle designs offering an oval-insulated or round handle, Easy Glide swivel for better hose and gun movement under high pressure, and an Easy Out gun filter which reduces tip plugging.
    • Variety of handle and trigger options for maximum spraying comfort
    • Compact design allows for easy access to tight places
    • High quality materials and construction
    • XTR-5 maximum fluid pressure: 5000 psi
    • XTR-7 maximum fluid pressure: 7250 psi
  • Binks Airless 75 Gun

    Binks Airless 75 Gun
    NEW Binks Airless 75 Spray Gun is made of forged aluminum and features a thick-walled stainless steel fluid tube and is compatible with high solids and abrasive industrial materials. The exclusive needle design was developed to keep the spring out of the fluid's path, and the packings are adjustable for longer life. With almost any coating, from stain to zinc, the Binks Airless 75 is a high production spray gun that delivers a quality finish. Available in two gun versions.
    • Maximum fluid pressure 7500 psi
    • Industry-standard 7/8" nozzle thread
    • 2-finger trigger and ergonomic handle reduces fatigue
    • Anodized body means easy clean up
    • Optional heat guard for heated applications
    • Available with fluid tube or direct connect to gun head
    • Includes tip guard, spray tip must be ordered separately
    • Graco XForce HD Cordless

      Graco XForce HD Cordless
      The NEW Graco XForce HD Cordless Airless Sprayer, the industry’s first cordless sprayer designed to spray the toughest protective coatings and corrosion control materials. Utilizing proven ProSpray Technology, it delivers Graco’s professional piston-pump design in the palm of your hand – giving you the power and freedom to spray a high quality, airless finish wherever you need it!
      • Sprays coatings such as high-solids epoxies, polyurethanes, zinc-rich primers, and more
      • 4,000 psi max pressure
      • Accepts standard RAC X reversible airless tips
      • 28V lithium-ion battery can spray up to one gallon per charge
      • Disposable 44-oz cup lid & liner system minimizes cleanup
      • Ideal for spot repair, touchup and small jobs.