• Fans

    Global Finishing manufacturers nine sizes of belt-driven, tube axial fans in different models with non-sparking, cast aluminum propellers. The housing is continuously welded for an airtight seal. They are the ideal choice for installations with straight-through airflow in ducted systems. Fans are designed for applications where high are volumes are required with lower static pressures.
  • Duct Work

    Duct Work
    Global Finishing manufacturers a complete line of exhaust stack components for discharging exhaust from spray booths to the atmosphere. Stack components are made from 18-gauge galvanized steel for long life. Straight stack available either in plain or spiral duct. Stack kits are available to make ordering a complete installation package easy.
  • Control Panels

    Control Panels
    Global Finishing offers a full line of control panels and packages to provide all the necessary pre-wired electrical controls for your particular booth. Standard panels include NEMA 1 enclosures, main line disconnect, magnetic motor starter, motor fuse protection, lighting contactor, fan start/stop button, and interlock contactors.