• Graco Ultra-Lite 4000

    Graco Ultra-Lite 4000
    • Precise control of low-to-medium viscosity materials
    • Designed for light trigger pull and easy handling
    • Changeable tips for a variety of dispensing needs
    • Operating pressure to 4000 psi.
    • Low abrasive fluids
    • PVC sealer
    • Waterborne adhesives (with abrasive fillers for SD)
    • Silicone and solvent-borne materials (with abrasive fillers for SD)
  • Graco Ultra-Lite 6000

    Graco Ultra-Lite 6000
    • Operating pressures to 6000 psi.
    • 150 degree head/handle angle is more comfortable for operator
    • Changeable tips for a variety of dispensing needs
    • Lightweight with convenient trigger pull
    • Rubber-based sealers
    • Waterborne adhesives
    • Silicone and solvent-borne materials
  • Graco Ultra-Lite In-line Gun

    Graco Ultra-Lite In-line Gun
    Graco's In-Line Flow Guns offer precise control of low viscosity sealant and adhesive materials. Ideal for dispensing onto horizontal surfaces.
    • Operating pressures to 3400 psi.
    • Selectable trigger lock and hanger slot for operator convenience
    • Accepts flanged or threaded tips for a variety of dispensing needs
    • Rugged, lightweight design
    • For low to high abrasive fluids, waterborne and solvent-borne materials, viscosities up to 150,000 cps
  • Graco Power Caulk Gun

    Graco Power Caulk Gun
    Graco Power Caulk guns are made with heavy duty, all metal construction. They use on-demand, regulated air power to provide fast, consistent, and smooth application of adhesives and sealants. Regulated air pressure dispenses in a smooth, even bead. These guns feature an instant exhaust valve to prevent dripping or stringing when the trigger is released.
    • Ideal for use with silicones, acrylics and urethanes in single component applications.
    • Trigger-actuated, fast shut-off prevents dripping
    • For use with plastic or fiber cartridges
    • Converts for use with aluminum cartridges
    • Dispensing sealants from 10 oz. and 29 oz cartridges