• Graco LD Series Electronic Oil Meters

    Graco LD Series Electronic Oil Meters
    Graco's LD series meters are ideal for metered oil and dispense for lighter duty applications, including small maintenance shops, tire-muffler shops, fast-lubes, independent repair facilities and lower volume in-plant applications.
    • Designed for indoor use, with standard flow rates of 5 gpm (18.9 lpm)
    • Manual and preset meters with a number of optional accessories to choose from
    • Easy to read LCD display, displays gallons, quarts, pints, or liters
    • Rugged meter body for superior impact resistance and long life
    • Ergonomically-designed handle for operator comfort
    • Manual dispense models LDM5
    • Preset dispense models LDP5
  • Graco SD Series Electronic Oil Meters

    Graco SD Series Electronic Oil Meters
    Graco's SD series meters are ideal for metered oil and dispense for standard and heavy-duty applications, including car/truck dealerships, fleets, mining, off-road, public works garages, construction and higher volume in-plant applications.
    • Rugged construction for indoor or outdoor use
    • Low and high flow, manual and preset meters dispense from 5 to 14 gpm (18.9 to 53 lpm)
    • Variable flow control triggering controls the flow, plus a pressure-balanced valve reduces operator fatigue
    • New gear shape design improves accuracy in a wide range of flow rates and viscosities
    • Manual dispense models SDM5 (5 gpm) and SDM15 (14 gpm)
    • Preset dispense models SDP5 (5 gpm) and SDP15 (14 gpm)
  • Graco EM Series Electronic Oil Meters

    Graco EM Series Electronic Oil Meters
    Graco's EM series meters are perfect for dispensing and metering oil in harsh environments when high flow rates are required. Graco offers a complete line of affordable and accurate dispense valves and meters to dispense and control your petroleum based fluids. Whether you are looking for a pre-set dispense valve, a high-flo dispense valve or an in-line meter, Graco has the valve to meet your lubrication needs.
    • Locking trigger for hands-free operation
    • Rugged design ideal for use in harsh environments
    • Model EM6 for flow rates of 6 gpm (22 lpm)
    • Model EM12 high-flow capability provides up to 12 gpm (45 lpm)
    • For metered dispense of motor oil, gear oil, automatic transmission fluid, hydraulic fluid, and specialty lubricants.
  • Graco Hose Reels

    Graco Hose Reels
    Graco's heavy-duty hose reels are designed for rugged use in bus and truck fleet maintenance, manufacturing plants, and lubrication trucks. The adjustable guide arms allow for 15 different mounting positions. Heavy gauge plate and steel construction lends this hose reel additional strength and longer service in the shop.
    • Handles hose lengths up to 50 ft (23 m)
    • Heavy-duty ball bearings outlast sleeve-type bearings
    • Easy rewind with minimal hose guidance
    • Motor oil
    • Air/water
    • Automatic transmission fluid
    • Anti-freeze
    • Hydraulic oil
    • Heavy to severe duty
    • Service shops
    • Fleet maintenance
    • Auto dealers
  • Graco Pro-Shot Grease Valve

    Graco Pro-Shot Grease Valve
    The highest performance in the industry. Graco's Pro-Shot is ideal for automotive/fleet and construction equipment service and maintenance and features a knurled grip for user comfort.
    • Working pressure up to 8,000 psi
    • 4 times longer-life ball check mechanism
    • Heavy-duty, robust valve design
    • First in the industry to offer a trigger lock to prevent accidental triggering
    • Pressure assist trigger pull—means less operator fatigue
    • Motor oils
    • Gear oil
    • Hydraulic fluid
    • ATF
    • Grease
    • In-plant production
    • Maintenance applications