Supply & Circ. Pumps

  • Binks Excel Pumps

    Binks Excel Pumps
    Binks EXEL™ horizontal piston pump is a stainless steel, water-borne and solvent-borne compatible pump. One of the most outstanding design features of the EXEL™ pump is its straight-through flow path. The inlet and outlet ports are inline which allows the EXEL™ to deliver material without imparting excess shear to it in the process. This makes the EXEL™ the pump of choice for delivering shear-sensitive material in circulating systems where a mechanical ratio greater than one is required.
    • Pump ratio: 4.5:1
    • Flow rate max: 6.85 gpm.
    • Max Fluid Pressure: 450 psi.
    • Available in hard chrome plated stainless steel or ceramic coated pistons.
  • Kremlin Trubo Pumps

    Kremlin Trubo Pumps
    High continuous speeds before icing affects performance. Runs at average speeds of 20 to 30 cycles per minute or higher. External exhaust valve ejects the wet exhaust outside of the air motor. Keeps the inside of the air motor clean and dry thus increasing the life of the air motor. Turbo™ air muffler comes standard. Greatly reduces the level of noise typically produced from the air motor exhaust. External reversing block. Reduces maintenance costs by making repairs simpler.
    • Pump Series Ratios: 8:1, 16:1, 20:1, and 40:1
    • Flow Rate Range: 1.6-3.8 gpm
    • Max Fluid Pressure range: 696-3490 psi.
  • Kremlin Flowmax Pumps

    Kremlin Flowmax Pumps
    Universal pump to be used with all coating materials, including high solids and water-based produces.The right choice to feed 1 or 2 spray guns, and benefit from Flowmax® technology.
    • The Flowmax family includes the 4.120F, 4.220F, 08.120F, 08.220F, 16.120F, 20.50F, 20.220F, 40.50F, and 40.130F.
    • Pump Ratios: 4:1, 8:1, 16:1, 20:1 and 40:1.
    • Fluid Output Range: 1.6-3.8 gpm
    • Pressure output range: 349-3490 psi.
  • Rexson Quatro Pumps

    Rexson Quatro Pumps
    The Rexson Quatro series pumps are among the largest positive displacement pumps in the industry. Utilizing the four ball design technology, they are particularly intended to feed paint circulation systems where constant pressure and flow are required. Quatro pumps offer slow operating speeds, durability and reliability to paint kitchens worldwide.
    • Stainless steel construction compatible with most coatings
    • High flow rates for longer pump life
    • Uniform fluid pressure
    • Externally-serviceable ball checks for fast and easy maintenance
    • Pump series ratios: 4:1 to 7.5:1
    • Flow Rate Range: 11.6 gpm to 32 gpm at 20 cycles a minute
  • Binks Pogo Plus Pumps

    Binks Pogo Plus Pumps
    Binks Pogo Plus series two-ball, double acting piston pumps are designed for the application and transfer of low-medium viscosity fluids. Available in 55-gal drum length or stubby versions, with either UHMW or teflon packings, these pumps are compatible with a wide-range of materials.
    • Available in carbon steel and stainless steel models
    • Pump ratio : 4:1
    • Maximum flow rate: 1.3 gpm
    • Maximum fluid pressure : 290 psi
  • Graco T2 Pumps

    Graco T2 Pumps
    Graco T1 and T2 pumps maintain performance in any environment, even with higher viscosity materials. Spend more time spraying and less time on maintenance with the Graco 2:1 transfer pumps.
    • Pump ratio: 2.25:1
    • Maximum flow rate: 5.0 gpm
    • Maximum fluid pressure: 405 psi