Powder Outfits

  • Sames E-Series Manual Outfits

    Sames E-Series Manual Outfits
    The Sames E-Series manual powder outfit features operator adjustment of voltage up to a maximum of 85 kV, with a 50 µA threshold and is recommended for the majority of standard powders and applications.
    • Maximizes efficiency of charging by automatically adjusting the voltage or current to optimum settings.
    • Lightweight, ergonomic gun body.
    • Excellent deep recess penetration.
    • Smooth powder lay down even at high film build.
    • Unrivaled recoatability.
    • Easy cleaning, fast color changes.
    • Available in 55-lb hopper feed unit or direct box-feed unit.
  • Sames Mach-Jet Manual Outfits

    Sames Mach-Jet Manual Outfits
    Reliable, ergonomic and performance. Sames MACH-JET has been specially designed for companies looking to improve their powder coating application. This has been achieved by improving the overall efficiency of the operator. MACH-JET is a new cart design using revolutionary materials. This allows for easy mounting, provides storage areas and has an integrating air gun for quick powder cleaning. Its plastic design makes cleaning very easy.
    • Simple functions controlled by the gun
    • Easy application of metallic powder
    • New nozzles allow excellent powder pattern
    • Nozzles resistant to abrasion
    • Lightweight and easy to balance
    • User friendly CRN457 control module
    • Available in 55-lb hopper feed unit or direct box-feed unit.