Paint Proportioners

  • Kremlin PU 2120

    Kremlin PU 2120
    Kremlin PU 2120 Proportioning Pump.
    • Handles a large range of materials
    • Possibility to change the mixing ratio by choosing relevant catalyst kits
    • Flexibility when changing materials
    • Cart-mounted pump
    • Easy positioning in the working area (various working areas)
    • Flushing cartridge on catalyst fluid section
    • Great reliability
    • Comes with flushing pump, mixer, mix manifold, air-feeding assembly, suction rod for base, 10l gravity tank for catalysts
    • Mixing ratio (upon kit): 1/1 - 1.5/1 - 2/1 - 2.5/1 - 3/1 - 3.5/1 - 4/1 -5/1- 6/1
  • Kremlin PU 2200

    Kremlin PU 2200
    The Kremlin PU 2200 pumps are the first two-component pumps avaible with either standard or Flowmax® fluid sections. The Flowmax® technology, a Kremlin patented SuperLife™ bellow design, ensures that the catalyst pump is airtight thus preventing crystallization and premature pump failure.
  • Kremlin CYCLOMIX

    Kremlin CYCLOMIX
    Kremlin CYCLOMIX™: Precise and control mixing of 2 components materials. With CYCLOMIX™, the mixing process is mastered and guaranteed. All technical fluid and application characteristics are fully configurable. Once programmed, CYCLOMIX™ will automatically handle all parameters. All CYCLOMIX™ functions are fully monitored by means of a user-friendly keyboard and screen with on-help finction: mixing ratio, mixed material consumption, pot-life and VOC emissions are displayed during production cycle..
  • Binks Comet 3C EQUALIZER

    Binks Comet 3C EQUALIZER
    Comet 3C EQUALIZER proportioning system, ideal for low and high production environments. Accurately pump, mix and meter catalyzed sealers and top coats.
    • Max Output Fluid Pr. : 360 - 1080 psi
  • Graco Xtreme-Mix

    Graco Xtreme-Mix
    Graco’s Xtreme Mix plural-component sprayers feature advanced metering technology to accurately spray the toughest plural-component materials. Simple user controls and turn-of-a-key ratio changes help take the guessing out of plural-component mixing. With less hand-mixing, you’ll increase productivity and save money on materials and labor.
    • Reporting capabilities assure that the job was done right
    • Rated for 7250 psi (500 bar) to handle tough materials and long hose lengths
    • Shutdown and alarm features prevent spraying off-ratio
    • Standard cart is designed for easy handling by one person
    • Superior metering valves get it right every time
    • Approved for hazardous locations
    • Field-proven, easy-to-maintain Xtreme lower
    • Rugged construction withstands the toughest environments