Gel Coat & Resin Guns

  • Binks Century HVLP Gun

    Binks Century HVLP Gun
    Binks Century Spray Gun incorporates improved transfer and cayalyst mixing efficiencies by 20-30 %. This spray gun features a new method of catalyst mixing, whereby un-atomized MEKP is injected close to the exit point of the nozzle, so the resin is hit prior to atomization. The result is even dispersal of the catalyst, reduction of catalyst flow to the gun, and lower VOC's, and high transfer efficiency.
    • Fully complies with all HVLP requirements
    • Optimum catalyzation
    • External mix-no flushing
    • Hydraulically assisted air atomization
    • Low maintenance
    • Models available for gel coat, wet-out, and chopper applications
    • Binks Century LEL Gun

      Binks Century LEL Gun
      NEW Binks Century LEL Internal Mix spray gun is specially designed for the application of polyester or vinyl-ester resins. Mixing efficiency is radically improved with the patented Binks Catalyst Impingement Injection System (CIIS). The result is an excellent catalyst mix in a lighter, more balanced and comfortable gun with simple, one-touch flushing and tool-free shut down at the end of the day.
      • Low velocity non-atomizing spray with LEL tips-MACT compliant
      • Drop forged high-strength aluminum alloy head and handle
      • Rugged carbide resin needle and nylon resin seat standard; optionl carbide resin seat available
      • Low volume mix chamber and one-touch flushing
      • Ergonomic, shaped handle; lighweight and balanced
      • Large material ports; no sharp turns in fluid path
      • Binks Century External LEL Gun

        Binks Century External LEL Gun
        Binks Century LEL gun is a high-performance, non-atomizing external-mix application device for the application of polyester and other catalyzes resins. LEL technology utilizes impinging fluid streams at low pressure to generate low velocity resin and gel-coat fans, making them MACT-compliant low emission laminators.
        • Uniform, consistent, reliable mix
        • Optimum catalyzation
        • Reduced overspray
        • External mix of catalyst and resin-no flushing
        • Cartridge resin needle and seat assembly
        • Models available for gel coat, wet-out, and chopper applications
      • Binks 2100GW Gun

        Binks 2100GW Gun
        The Binks 2100GW spray gun is a lightweight, hand-held, plural component spray gun for limited spray application of two-component materials such as gel-coats or polyesters. Recommended for touch-up, repair work, or small-part manufacturing.
        • Built-in air and fluid controls
        • Siphon container assembly directly mounted
        • Conventional start/stop trigger action
        • Easy ratio adjustment of resin to catalyst
        • Excellent training tool