• Binks 105-1236 Touch-up Outfit

    Binks 105-1236 Touch-up Outfit
    The Binks Model 105-1236 outfit includes the 2100GW gun, 2-quart remote pressure cup, and 5' air and fluid hose set. Ideal for touch-up, repairs, or small part manufacturing.
  • Iwata AirGunsa AZ3HTE2

    Iwata AirGunsa AZ3HTE2
    The NEW AirGunsa AZ3HTE2 gravity-feed gun from Anest Iwata has been redesigned for performance. This low cost affordable gun includes an ergonomic lighter body with a softer trigger pull to reduce fatigue. The new polished surface allows for easier cleanup. With tip sizes up to 3.5mm, it is perfect for spraying gelcoat, polyester fillers, or other heavy-bodies materials. Standard plastic cup is 600ml, and optional 400ml or 700ml aluminum cups are available.
  • ES Mfg. G100-6 Gelcoat Gun

    ES Mfg. G100-6 Gelcoat Gun
    The ES Manufacturing G100-6 gel coat mini sprayer is ideal for spraying gel coat into open molds. It will spray quality parts with a limited budget. This gun is used for spraying not only gel coat and resins, but other materials such as parting films, spray gypsum, tooling gel coats, sandable primers, or granite enhanced gel coats. It is faster than a conventional spray gun, and clean-up is fast and easy. It uses standard paper cups, or a graduated poly-pro cup. Includes FN6 gel coat nozzle, with many other sizes available.
  • Binks 201-510 Chopper

    Binks 201-510 Chopper
    The Binks model 201-510 chopper is a rugged, compact rotary air-driven unit. It features injector-type blades and rubber anvil rollers. It is capable of pulling from 1 to 3 strands of glass, and cutting roving lengths from 1/2" to 2" long. Designed for medium to high production applications.
  • ES Mfg. CDA16 Hand-Held Chopper

    ES Mfg. CDA16 Hand-Held Chopper
    The ES Manufacturing model CDA16 hand-held chopper is perfect for both small and large jobs. Can chop from 1/4" to 3" long strands. Output 3.5 lbs. / min. with 1" long strand. High speed blades for long life. Standard size anvil roller sleeve. Excellent tool for field repairs.
  • Bodi Laminating Rollers

    Bodi Laminating Rollers
    Bodi laminating rollers are strong, long life rollers made with thin fins and deep grooves provide excellent air release. Patented handle design proven least tiring during long hours of use. Also accepts extension handles for hard to reach jobs. Non-corrosive 1/4 frame. Aluminum or plastic frames clean easily in solvent. Excellent for laminating applications.