• Graco RAC 5 SwitchTips

    Graco RAC 5 SwitchTips
    Graco's RAC 5 SwitchTips are high-performance tips and the #1 selling tip on the market today. RAC 5 provides excellent fan pattern life and a high quality finish.
    • Used for residential and commercial applications
    • Includes OneSeal for most common coatings
    • Large selection of tip sizes available
    • Easy to identify laser stamped tip size
    • Solvent seal available when using extremely hot solvent
  • Graco RAC X SwitchTips

    Graco RAC X SwitchTips
    Graco has developed a full-range RAC X SwitchTip product line to cover every application on the market today! Newly added RAC X SwitchTips include larger sizes for heavy-duty applications requiring 4000 psi (276 bar) and below, and smaller sizes for the finishing work.
    • Premium airless tip line includes 107 RAC X SwitchTips for every application!
    • Longest lasting fan pattern
    • Highest quality finish with a consistent spray pattern
    • Available in the most common tip sizes
    • Also available in WideRAC series, and Fine Finish series tips.
  • Graco XHD Heavy Duty SwitchTips

    Graco XHD Heavy Duty SwitchTips
    Graco's new XHD™ RAC SwitchTip (Gray Handle)
    • Recommended for Xtreme® Sprayers and XTR Airless Spray Guns
    • Newly designed XHD is interchangeable with GHD guards and tips
    • No tools required! Change tips in seconds
    • Locking tab ensures tip stays securely in tip guard
  • Graco Blue Max II Hose

    Graco Blue Max II Hose
    To maximize performance, choose Graco's BlueMax II high performance airless hose.With superior flexibility and durability, BlueMax II is designed to ensure you get the best results from your airless sprayer.
    • Over 10% lighter weight and increased hose flexibility improves usability while spraying under pressure
    • Conductive core meets the highest world wide safety standards unlike competitive ground wire hose designs
    • BlueMax II Hose has superior flexibility and reduced coil memory providing ease of use during coiling and uncoiling
  • Graco Pole Guns and Extensions

    Graco Pole Guns and Extensions
    Graco’s full line of Extended Reach Tools are ideal for hard-to-reach areas like soffits, stairways and vaulted ceilings.Extend your range and spray more efficiently without ladders or scaffolding.
    • For unmatched spraying performance in highor recessed areas
    • Provides better spray control and less fatigue
    • Balanced design; no excessive weight at the end of pole
    • Pole Guns are available in 3’ and 6’ configurations
    • Standard gun extensions available in 10", 15", 20", and 30" lengths (rated for 4050 psi)
    • Heavy-Duty extensions can be coupled together, and are available in 10", 20", 40", 60", and 80" lengths (rated for 3600 psi)
  • Graco Pressure Rollers

    Graco Pressure Rollers
    Painting with a roller has never been this easy! No more climbing and stopping to dip the roller in a messy paint tray. Simply pull the gun trigger when you need more paint and keep rolling. Pressure rolling is ideal when spraying is not possible.
    • Evenly distributes paint with no heavy build–up
    • Chrome plated, stainless steel frame is corrosion resistant
    • Lightweight design for less fatigue
    • Few parts for quick cleaning and easy assembly between color changes
    • No tools required
    • Typical pressure roller application requires 300 psi